In Bettany’s eyes, the MCU has already proved that it can make a smooth transition to television thanks to the intricate roadmap laid out by Marvel boss Kevin Feige after Iron Man first hit big in 2008.

“If you think about it, what Kevin Feige has done is like a grand TV experiment anyway,” the actor continued. “It’s sequels and spin-offs, in an episodic formula and spin-off formula, like you’ve had in television forever, just done on a grand scale in film. So, moving it to TV, I think they made a really smart decision, as an homage to lots of different eras and genres of the American centuries’ TV.”

He added “The difference is this, we had an awful lot of money but we had to make six hours, rather than two and a half, or whatever it was — seven hours or eight hours, but a lot of hours — at the same amount of money that we would usually have to make two and a half hours. They did some very clever things, like we shot the first episode in two days, in front of a live studio audience.”

Will WandaVision kick off MCU TV in style? We’ll find out in just a couple of months.

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