Speaking to us over Zoom ahead of the show’s premiere, producer Brad Rau explained that it was series creator Dave Filoni who came up with the idea to bring back Caleb, along with his master Depa Billaba, in order to explore Order 66 through “a Jedi dynamic between master and padawan.” Recording the scene was very emotional, according to Rau.

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“In the booth we had tears on both sides of the glass, and I think you can feel it when you see Hunter at the waterfall. When you see Hunter have his instincts be to help this kid, not a mission parameter but to help this kid, it takes him from that point to later where he decides to go back for Omega. We wanted it to not come out of nowhere but for it to track to this journey and what he does later.”

Indeed, Hunter’s decision to disobey orders in the opening scene will later lead him and most of the Bad Batch to defect from the Empire and carve out their own path. And while Hunter can’t save Caleb during Order 66, he gets a second chance with Omega.

As for Caleb, the scene is a moment of change for him, too. Order 66 will not only force him to go into hiding and eventually change his name to Kanan Jarrus but it will inform his distrust of clones and reluctance to teach Ezra Bridge the ways of the Force on Rebels. He also never saw Depa Billaba

Caleb’s journey immediately after Order 66 and Depa Billaba’s death was explored further in the 12-issue Marvel comic book series Kanan by Greg Weisman and Pepe Larraz.

Emperor Palpatine

“Aftermath” gives fans the chance to relive one of the biggest moments in Revenge of the Sith, as a horribly scarred Supreme Chancellor Palpatine appears before the Senate to re-organize the Republic into the Empire. In the movie, we watch this scene from Senators Padme Amidala and Bail Organa’s perspectives.

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